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Java Print Problems TV

Java Print Problems TV


Ich kann nicht drucken! Aarghh! Wieso nicht TV Browser Org braucht Java,  Java ist installiert aber 2 Versionen 64bit und 32bit!

Was macht man!

  1. Forum anschauen
  2. Problemlösung suchen
  3. Java deinstall/and – install - Version 7 Update 51
  4. TV Browser deinstall/and neue Version installieren

Lösung nach langem probieren!


Texxas.deProgramm installieren und Sender auswählen und das…

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Psd Tools for Webdesigner Workflow

Bootstrap Grid Templates

For those you that are designing sites with Bootstrap here is a set of grids in photoshop and illustrator based on the bootstrap scaffolding, these are the…

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See many designs, you become a better designer?I think so, and i can feel it!
Many designs to look at is not a bad idea and also make example…View Post

See many designs, you become a better designer?

I think so, and i can feel it!

Many designs to look at is not a bad idea and also make example…

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Maker Tales: Taking the Form 1 for a test drive with a sleek smartwatch prototype


A few days ago, Amsterdam-based industrial designer Shivan Ramdhiansing contacted one of our Hubs to 3D print a smartwatch prototype. The print required an extra smooth surface finish and precision, so the local Hub owner, Emiel Rombach, offered to print it using his brand new Form 1. The Form 1 is a high resolution 3D printer that entered the market this year. Unlike most desktop printers, the Form 1 uses stereolithography [SL] technology instead of plastic extrusion. It can print layers as thin as 25 microns with features as small as 300 microns. Shavin’s prototype was the first 3D Hubs order printed on a Form 1 and SL technology is known to produce exquisite prints, so we were naturally interested in hearing about this 3D printing experience.


Meet the maker: Shivan Ramdhiansing (Watcher Enterprises)

Shivan Ramdhiansing is Product Development Engineer at Watcher Enterprises, a Dutch startup that is designing a smartwatch to help parents keep track of their kids. Shivan came to us to print a prototype that would help his company evaluate the watch’s form factor and aesthetics. We spoke with him and his colleagues to learn more about the product.

Tell us about Watcher Enterprises and your prototype. What inspired you to create this product?

The idea for the Kidswatcher product came to our founder Erik Recter when he lost track of his little niece Niki in the Swiss Alps. With Kidswatcher, we want to prevent this from happening to any parent or guardian. Kidswatcher is a smart solution for parents to stay in touch with their child. We also want to make something that children would like to wear, something comfortable, elegant, customizable, playful and easy to use.

What did you think of your final print?

In the quest for finding a truly new and appealing look for our product, rapid prototyping is a fast and low-cost step to validate the aesthetics. I am pretty sure we will want to check more shape studies by means of rapid prototyping in the near future, and 3D Hubs seems like a good partner for this. I am amazed by the fast delivery time and accessibility to so many hubs. Prices are reasonable too, especially when you just want to try some shapes for evaluation. The print on the Form 1 machine was quite detailed, definitely an improvement from another print we tested on a Replicator.

Meet the Hub: Emiel Rombach


Emiel is a 3D printing enthusiast based in Amsterdam. His interest in the the industry has led him to start a 3D copying service called Replicreate. He joined the 3D Hubs community a few months back to get in touch with other makers and meet potential customers for his business. When he’s not delving into the latest 3D printing developments, he works as a QA tester at the digital production company MediaMonks. Like most early Form 1 adopters, Emiel only received his printer a couple of weeks ago.

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Around Seven: Chrome Browser Mockup freebie. 1280px, with grid and guidelines!



Als ontwerper is het fijn als je kan ontwerpen in de omgeving waarin jouw ontwerp straks ook echt gezien gaat worden. In het geval van webdesign kom je dan al snel bij een browser uit ;-) Wij gebruiken een uitgeklede versie van de Chrome browser, gebaseerd op een vector freebie die we…

Really free wordpress themes!

There are pages there is written, free wordpress themes. and then comes always again the disillusionment hahh since they are themes from Themeforest, so they are not free!

Therefore I have here is a compilation made ​​by truly free wordpress theme, Really!

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